Raw reflections By Alta H Mabin

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Raw reflections

Raw reflections cover pageIn this book, I reflect a deeper, unfiltered emotion.  A few dedicated poems to special men in my life.

Some may think it’s rather depressing to reflect so deeply on pain and raw emotions, but it is a journey of accepting and healing.

“with the sun in my view

birds singing a happy greeting

flowers smiling as I tickle their petals with drizzly drops…”


They say life begins at 40! Yeah, right or is it more around 50?

Well, I am 46 and for the past 6 years I have gotten divorced been on more than a dozen dates, or wait “just coffee”. It is utter trickery if you ask me. I have two adult sons; I may add they are the top contributors to my happiness meter.

Enough about me! So where do we begin to look for love? Ah, as they say, “love will find you once you stop looking”, yeah, so I have stopped.

Dating sites, unrealistic expectations and just (men) and (women) bored and needing a little texting stimulation. I can give you flowery words or words dripping with lusty connotations. Choose wisely!

The big day has arrived, after weeks of texting, endless “send me more photo’s if you don’t mind”, of course, I mind. Did you not see my profile? I am being cataloged, for your “only coffee”, “drinks”, or a “Friday night movie and pizza night”.

Bollocks, if you ask me! When do we get to meet the real love-seeking souls, all those things poetry reflects?

Most married men and women on these sites seek a little stroking in the wrong direction.

I am happy to spend an evening with my own amazing company and a bottle of fine red; I will add some classical music and poetry to the mix.

If you have ever been on the receiving end of “I just want to have fun, nothing serious”, you will understand that life begins over and over, every single day, so cheers! While we sit here sipping liquid fantasies of forever, waiting for love.

My son, Shiven

When I looked into

your beautiful bright eyes

for the very

first time

I knew love




Years of the joy of watching you

grow into the

amazing man

brave and strong

I look at you

in absolute awe

You are amazing

and your mommy loves you,

… unconditionally

My son, Jaden

Your emerald eyes

a window to your beautiful soul

your sensitivity to mankind

zero tolerance for the unkind

Writing about you

is harder than any poem I have ever written

you are

the purest soul

You amaze me

every single moment

your commitment

to your dreams

I am blessed

to be in your presence

even more blessed

to be your mommy,

I love you

… unconditionally